Student sessions

One of the aims of MOVEP is to be a meeting place where Ph.D. students can discuss together and with senior researchers. As in the previous occurrences of MOVEP, there will be special sessions, where students have the opportunity to report on their work by giving short presentations (approx. 15 minutes). The presentation should introduce:
  • the research area and main theme,
  • the directions of the work,
  • some results (obtained or expected).
Based on the submissions the organizing committee decides which of the abstracts are accepted for presentation at the school.
Extended abstracts should not exceed 6 pages and should be prepared with LaTeX2e using the documents class movep.cls. The usage is explained in an example document (pdf).
The final version of accepted abstracts are due before November 21th 2012.

Accepted abstracts

  • Florent Avellaneda, Checking Two Structural Properties of Vector Addition Systems with States (slides)
  • Stanislav Böhm, Kaira: HPC and Petri nets
  • Mathieu Caralp, Visibly Pushdown Automata with Multiplicities: Finiteness and K-Boundedness (slides)
  • Sylvain Cotard, Runtime Verification for Real-Time Automotive Embedded Software (slides)
  • Aiswarya Cyriac, Model Checking Dynamic Distributed Systems
  • Amit Kumar Dhar, Model Checking Flat Counter Systems (slides)
  • Maxime Folschette, Inferring Biological Regulatory Networks from Process Hitting models (slides)
  • Paulin Fournier, Parameterized verification of networks with many identical probabilistic processes (slides)
  • Aleksandra Jovanovic, Implementation of Real-Time Systems: Theory and Practice (slides)
  • Ahmet Kara, Model Checking Concurrent Systems with Unboundedly Many Processes Using Data Logics (slides)
  • Artem Khyzha, Compositional reasoning about concurrent libraries on the axiomatic TSO memory model (slides)
  • José António Lopes, Hybrid type systems (slides)
  • Laure Millet, Formal Verification of Mobile Robot Protocols (slides)
  • Benjamin Monmege, A Probabilistic Kleene Theorem (slides)
  • Durica Nikolic, Constraint-based Static Analyses for Java Bytecode Programs (slides)
  • Benedikt Nordhoff, Tree-Regular Analysis of Parallel Programs with Dynamic Thread Creation and Locks (slides)
  • Shashank Pathak, Formal Verification of Agents Learning by Reinforcement (slides)
  • Giuseppe Perelli, Recent Results and Future Directions in Strategy Logic (slides)
  • Srinivas Pinisetty, Runtime Enforcement of Timed Properties (slides)
  • Cesar Rodriguez, Construction and Verification of Unfoldings for Petri Nets with Read Arcs (slides)
  • Jan-Thierry Wegener, On Minimality and Equivalence of Petri Nets (slides)